Low-budget airline AirAsia has decided to downsize its workers again, after dismissing more than 300 employees back in June.

The Malaysian airline company has been struggling to keep its business afloat due to the COVID-19 pandemic which dreadfully affected the civil aviation industry.

Source: The Malaysian Reserve

According to Astro Awani, the troubling news was conveyed by AirAsia CEO Riad Asmat. It was revealed that hundreds will receive an e-mail in 24 hours, indicating if they’ve been laid off.


“This is a tough decision to make after the hardship that we went through for months. Several hundred workers will be dismissed, no exact figures for now,” said the CEO. He added, “I would like to apologise to all workers affected. You have to be strong and we will continue supporting you in various ways (that we can).”

Source: Wall Street Journal

For the affected workers, AirAsia has decided to continue providing support through health care benefits and flight coupons, until the end of this year. Riad explains that the unaffected workers won’t get a pay cut, but demands them to do their jobs better.

It was also reported that some workers might be asked to leave without pay until the situation is better. Aditionally, AirAsia X also had a briefing session to also make the same announcement for their own workforce.

As of now, AirAsia has not released an official statement regarding the issue.

Source: Astro Awani.

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