Henry Golding is turning heads when a trailer for the gay film “Monsoon” showed a scene of him kissing another male actor.

The Malaysian-British actor plays Kit, a Vietnamese-born man who seemed to have a love interest for African-American Lewis, played by Parker Sawyers.

Source: Youtube

“Monsoon”, however, is not entirely about Kit’s sexuality, but also focuses on cultural alienation following his return to Vietnam after fleeing as a child. Nonetheless, what got the attention of everyone was Henry, a straight actor, playing a gay role.


The actor spoke to Attitude recently on why he took this role, “I’m going to accept this role because of the journey it represents in this man,” explained Henry. “It’s not a journey into his queerness. It’s a journey into his history,” 

Source: Youtube

When speaking about his co-actor, Henry recalled, “When I was talking to Hong in LA, he already had Parker in mind for the role, and so I Googled his name and his image and was like, ‘Damn, he’s handsome, he’s tall, he works out, I could be in worse positions!'” The actor also mentioned that his wife was more excited about Parker than him.

Despite being married, some people doubted his sexuality after seeing the trailer. But, one thing we can be sure about is his profound acting skills and personality. Here are some of the thirsty response from fans on Twitterverse after watching Henry in action:

Watch the trailer here:

Source: Attitude.

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