A Malaysian woman named Ainul CheNoi took to her Facebook on Monday (21st September), to share an incident involving a group of Malaysians during their stay at a 5-star hotel in Port Dickson.

Ainul claimed that the group had violated the hotel’s rule by exceeding the number of allowed visitors checking in. Not only that, they even brought their own blankets and a range of other stuff, including portable mini cookers!

Source: Facebook

Ainul then assured everyone that the hotel is now enforcing “very strict rules” after this. The netizen shared, “The staff will carry out a spot-check, one by one, when checking in. Additionally, one room is only allowed to accommodate seven adults (this excludes children aged 12 and below).”

“The eighth adults can no longer enter the room. This means you have to either book another room or go buy a bus ticket, and return to your beautiful hometown. Additionally, among the seven adults, only four people are included in the room charge. Additional fees will be incurred for the rest,” Ainul further added in the post.

Ainul later touched on why visitors are not allowed to cook in hotel rooms. She explained, “If you cook in a hotel room, the smell will stick on the curtain, pillow, bed, etc. Do you think it’s easy get rid of the smell? It will require additional costs on the hotel’s part, or else the next customer will complain and they may have to book a new room.”

Source: Facebook

Scrolling through the comments, apart from slamming the visitors in question, others also suggested for them to book a homestay instead if they still wish to come as a large group.

What are your thoughts on this?

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