Muar MP Syed Saddiq took to his Twitter over the weekend to announce that he will be resuming his studies at the National University of Singapore, under a scholarship.

Interestingly, the delightful news came within the same week he registered his youth-centric party, known as Malaysian United Democratic Alliance (MUDA). He submitted his application earlier on Thursday (17th September), reported Berita Harian.

He tweeted, “Alhamdulillah, I received a placing and a scholarship from the National University of Singapore (NUS) for Lee Kuan Yew’s Senior Fellowship in Public Service. Been keeping this news to myself since June, but since online classes will start tomorrow (today), I thought why not share the good news with my friends.”

In another thread on his Twitter, the former Youth and Sports minister wrote, “As a member of MUDA party, there is much more that I need to learn to improve my ability to serve.” He then went on to reveal, “I had to skip my Masters studies in Oxford University twice because of my involvement in politics. Finally, I will get a chance to sharpen my Public Policy skills while serving fellow Malaysians,” adding that he will juggle his studies while committing for his political party at the same time.

In an interview with, Saddiq revealed that it was one of his life time dreams to pursue his studies in public policy in either Oxford or NUS. According to him, “It has always been either Oxford or NUS’s Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy. They have one of the best public policy courses as well. But NUS, it was two years. So I couldn’t spare my time there. In Oxford, it was one year.”

Syed Saddiq
Source: Info Rakyat

All the best to Saddiq in attempting to complete the LKYSPP policy-related course in 6 weeks!


Sources: Mothership.SG, Berita Harian.

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