An inexplicable incident happened where a tomb at an Islamic graveyard had sunk and was filled with “blood”.

It occurred at a Muslim cemetery in the Al-Irfan Derga Mosque, Kedah, and a video of it went viral on Twitter and WhatsApp recently.

Source: Youtube

According to Harian Metro, one of the mosque’s congregant, Alias Ishak, had made a police report to the Kedah Police Headquarters. He claimed, “I did not know when the incident happened but I stumbled upon (the video) on WhatsApp, and I hope people do not gather around there again.


“After all, Kota Setar is still under the Enhanced Movement Control Order (EMCO) and it has been informed that the mosque congregants have lodged a police report,” he continued. Alias hopes that people will stop creating speculations about the incident especially regarding the deceased.

Source: Youtube

Imam of the Al-Irfan mosque, Abdul Hadi Awang said, “The deceased is a good person and was just buried about three weeks ago. He died in his 70s due to an illness. Throughout his life, the deceased did a lot of charity work and charity at this mosque.”

The video reached its viral status after being uploaded on Twitter by TV3 newscaster, Pang Chinn Fei. For reasons unknown, the tweet has been deleted only a day after it was posted. For those curious, Metro TV posted the clip here:

What caused the incident is still unknown and for now, it is unconfirmed if the red liquid is actually blood. The police are currently conducting an investigation into the incident.

Source: Harian Metro

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