Recently, a man in Johor successfully tracked down a clone of his red Mazda 6, at a parking lot in Bangi, Selangor.

The car-hunt started after the man had received fines and speed tickets from another state; which he had never visited.

Source: Info Roadblock JPJ/POLIS Facebook

After driving all the way from Johor, he managed to trace the cloned car that has been causing him all this fuss in a parking lot near Kajang. Surprisingly, the Mazda 6 was an exact carbon-copy of his; even the road tax is identical.


The Info Roadblock JPJ/POLIS Facebook Page was first to report on this issue, posting photos of two red Mazdas with the same number plate. The post mentioned that the man was frustrated for getting summoned from places he had not been to.

Source: Facebook

The caption said, “Can’t stand to be summoned by speedtrap and other places he hasn’t visited. The original owner of Mazda from Johor went down to his twin trail until he got to Bangi. Road tax is the same.”

Following the post, netizens took the opportunity to assume the involvement of a schemer amongst the authorities for re-printing the same road tax for a clone. Some also praised the action of the owner for going out of his way to track the twin trail.

We hope the owner’s determination pays off with the perpetrator being served justice.

Source: Vocket

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