When it comes to Chris Evans, one thing we have all been known to drool over is his stunning bod. And now, thanks to an accidental slip up by “The Avengers” actor himself, we get to have a VERY close look at his “physique”. 😉

Chris recently posted an Instagram story which shows a screen recording of his family playing “Head Ups”. However, much to the dismay of the actor, just before the screen recording ended it showed a glimpse of his camera roll.

Source: Metro

And this was no ordinary PG 13 camera roll – the screen recording actually revealed a picture of male genitals and another of Chris’ face with text that read: “Guard that p***y.” That’s right, Chris Evans accidentally released his nudes!!!


We don’t know if we should sympathise with the Caption America star or LOL. However, while we’re not quite sure exactly how to react to this blunder, netizens have been quick to give out their opinion.


Some have asked for his privacy to be respected, while others have straight up gawked at his X-rated content and even passed it around further. This has led to Chris’ “package” to currently trend on Twitter, while his fellow celebrities have also decided to join in and post their reactions.

One such celeb is his “Avengers” co-star, Mark Ruffalo. The 52-year-old actor hilariously came to Chris’ defence by posting a tweet that reads: @ChrisEvans Bro, while Trump is in office there is NOTHING you could possibly do to embarrass yourself. See… silver lining.” Bashing Donald Trump and defending Chris all in one tweet? Mark sure knows how to hit the jackpot!


Chrissy Teigen also posted a tweet thread explaining how she has a ton of boob pictures on her camera roll. While she didn’t directly make a reference to Chris’ nudes, we know that this was her attempt to normalise the situation.

Her tweet reads: “My WhatsApp automatically saves every photo to my roll so any boobs in my phone are my girlfriends showing me their boobs or boobs they hate or boobs they love or yeah def also my boobs. I’d say 80 percent of my roll is whatsapp nonsense between friends.”

She also later claimed that she hasn’t changed the automatic download feature on WhatsApp because it’s easier when it saves. “Tons of pics of the kids between families, easy when it saves,” explains Chrissy. “It just means that every once in a while there is a crazy random meme I don’t recall in my roll!”

Another celeb reaction is one from Evans’ little brother himself! Scott Evans posted on social media a day after Chris’ NSFW pictures were released with a cheeky tweet that read: “Was off social media for the day yesterday. So. What’d I miss?”

Are you laughing?! Because we sure are!

Netizens were also thoroughly enjoying Chris’ brother poking fun at him with one Twitter user even commenting, “This is the MOST “little brother” tweet of all time.” Many other netizens also replied to Scott’s tweet with hilarious gifs, emojis and comments.

However, not all reactions from celebs were funny and supportive. A reaction from Manny the celebrity make up artist has been getting a lot of heat as the LGBTQ+ celeb has been spreading screenshots of Chris’ Instagram story to his followers. Manny initially posted a tweet stating, “Chris Evans leaking Chris Evans nudes is the highlight of my Saturday.”

Additionally, when a fellow Twitter user replied to this post by commenting, “and you didn’t send them to me? unfollowing,” Manny responded by asking the user to check their DM’s. This has led to many bashing the makeup guru by some pointing out that this is “truly disgusting behaviour.”

Twitter users made replies to this post that went along the lines of, “If this was a woman, there would be outrage at people sharing them around on the internet. It was a mistake, and the guy is probably mortified. Have some compassion.”

Chris Evans’ has clearly got the internet going nuts (pun intended) over his nudes. This shenanigan over the weekend has been getting a lot of mixed reactions from both celebs and netizens alike.

However, most have come to rescue the actor for trending on Twitter for the wrong reasons. The actor’s fans, who seem to fully have his back, have been posting wholesome pictures of Chris laughing, smiling and even posing with adorable puppies instead!

We love it when the internet comes together to serve and protect <3

Source: MetroEntertainment Weekly.

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