A woman recently made headlines when she decided to strip naked in-front of everyone in a gym in Tamsui, Taiwan.

Following an argument with a staff worker at World Gym Tamsui, the woman (nicknamed Cat Lady) shocked onlookers when she took of all her clothes and began working out. When confronted, she started hurling insults at people.

Source: China Times

According to reports, the Cat Lady spent a good 30 minutes (some publications reported it went on for 50 minutes) at the gym. She didn’t seem bothered that she was making other gym-goers uncomfortable with her nether regions exposed, nor did she care that people were filming her while she carried out her shenanigans.

At one point, she was seen casually flicking the battle rope before tossing it to the ground. It appeared that when a male coach tried to advise her to behave, the woman reacted aggressively shouting “You are shit!” to the man.

Source: LTN

So why the nickname Cat Lady, you asked? Apparently the lady tried to sneak a cat into the gym last month. Since pets are not allowed into the centre, she was refused entry. After violating one too many regulations, her gym membership was revoked in August.

The police arrived at the scene after awhile to settle the drama. As expected, Cat Lady refused to cooperate and had to be physically dragged out of World Gym. It is believed that she was tied to an ambulance stretcher and sent to Tamsui Mackay Hospital to seek treatment.

Take a look at the video here:

Sources: LTN, China Press.

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