Ras Adiba Radzi gladly responded to a netizen who questioned on whether she took off her hijab after becoming the senator for Dewan Negara.

If you’ve been following Ras on social media, she often posts photos of herself with a headpiece. For those curious, the TV personality had been sporting the look since 2013.


In her recent update on Instagram, Ras was pictured sans her hijab during a Dewan Negara meeting. One netizen named @kay_1667 took to the comments section and questioned, “Why did you take off your tudung? 😌”

The former TV3 newscaster gave a calm response to the remark. She clarified that she never wore hijab before this and only wore a turban or scarf to cover her hair. “May you always be protected by God and always be given guidance by Him,” the former newscaster told the Instagram user.

Source: Instagram via Gempak

In case you missed it, the 52-year-old was appointed as a Dewan Negara senator on 20th May this year.

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