Everyone in Kuala Lumpur have probably heard about the existence of PNB 118, more commonly known as Merdeka 118. It is the unfinished skyscraper that will eventually overtake the Exchange 108 as the tallest building in Malaysia upon its completion in 2021.

The best part is, Merdeka 118 will be the 2nd tallest building in the world soaring the sky at an impressive height of 678.9 metres, which is around 149 metres less than the Burj Khalifa (828 metres).

To pique your interest, here are 8 fun facts about the upcoming landmark in KL:


1. The shape is based on one of the most important moment in Malaysia’s history

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The design of the tower is based on the silhouette of Tunku Abdul Rahman raising his hand while chanting “Merdeka!” on 31st August 1957, which we can all agree as Malaysians, was an iconic moment. The spire that tops the building is meant to look like Tunku Abdul Rahman’s hand during the chant.

It’s quite an impressive feat that the shape of this high-rise building is commemorating the symbol of our freedom.

2. The tower is separated into 3 different sections

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This multi-storey building consists of 118 floors (hence, the name) which, from below will house 83-storeys of Grade-A offices and 17-storeys of Park Hyatt Hotel. Amenities such as sky lobby, VIP lounges, and more will be at the top in the remaining 18 floors including the observation deck and restaurants which will be on the four highest floors.

Thrill-seekers will enjoy eating high up in the sky. If dining 282-metres in the sky at the Atmosphere 360, KL Tower is exciting, try eating at around 500-metre above ground at the Merdeka 118.

3. It has the tallest glass-panelled elevator in the world & highest observation deck in Asia

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The elevator that is used to reach the observation deck is attached on the side of the building and it will use glass panels. Since the observation deck is located at the highest floor of the skyscraper, it will undeniably be the tallest glass-panelled elevator in the world.

Moreover, the observation deck will be the highest observation deck in Asia. In the near future, visitors can travel up more than 100-storeys in a glass box while looking out the city. The experience will definitely be breathtaking.

4. Impress your followers with Instagram-worthy snapshots

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Tall skyscrapers are always hard to capture especially if you want to be in the frame. It requires you to be a certain distance to get the best picture and it might not even fit the whole building.

However, the Merdeka 118 will feature a photo spot in the vicinity of the building which has an elevated platform intended for visitors to take photos of the skyscraper. The platform will be placed across the recreational park from the building.


5. The designs are inspired by our own culture

Source: Halfen Moment

The high-rise building was inspired directly by our own culture. The diamond-shaped base of the building is designed to resemble the Malay Songket, a traditional textile that belongs to the Malay heritage.

Even though the architects, Fender and Katsalidis, are Australian-born, they will still reflect our Malaysian culture. Acknowledging that Malaysia is a multi-cultural nation, the mixture of triangle designs making up the building symbolises the different ethnics in the country.

6. The building will cost RM5 billion and will be completed in 3 phases 

Source: Instagram / Halfen Moment

The first phase ,which started back in 2014, centres on the 118-storey tower itself. The second phase revolves around the recreational park and seven-storey shopping mall which has a whopping 900,000 square feet. Both of these phases are expected to finish by 2021. The third phase is the construction of three residential towers surrounding the mega-structure, which is scheduled to be completed by 2024.

7. The building at night looks futuristic

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The building’s shape might resemble the past. However, at night you’ll notice a futuristic vibe to the city skyline. The soon-to-be second tallest building in the world will be equipped with light strips that gradually moves from one corner to another.

8. Easily accessible for pedestrians

Source: Halfen Moment

The mega-tall skyscraper will be connected to the Merdeka MRT station which is currently undergoing refurbishment as part of the Merdeka 118 development. Plus, the station has a paid-to-paid pedestrian walkway to Plaza Rakyat LRT station.

Besides that, Maharajalela Monorail station will be within walking distance of the building’s recreational park. The monorail station will be able to connect you to the rest of the LRT lines.

Merdeka 118
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Source: Turner Construction

To learn more about Merdeka 118, you can read the whole Twitter thread by @SkyscrapersMY here:

Source: KL Foodie, Halfen Moment

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