The Malaysian Association of Chinese Comedians, fondly known as MACC, is a leading comedy group in Malaysia. The group consists of four friends-cum-comedians who travelled around the world last year to perform for their final tour together: “The Goodbye Tour – MACC Mania X”.

The comedy group consists of four Malaysian-Chinese comedians, namely Kuah Jenhan, Dr. Jason Leong, Phoon Chi Ho and Douglas Lim. This “boy band” of comedians have been popularly known to take over stand up comedy stages for the past 10 years. However, in 2019 they came together for their final tour, which grabbed the attention of audiences worldwide.



While their tour itself went international a year ago, the comedy group is now releasing an additional 6 episode docu-series together. This English docu-series, which follows the comedians experiences while on their MACC Mania X goodbye tour, is one of a kind and unlike anything we typically see on Malaysian television. It is funny, spontaneous and unpredictable. From multiple locations (which varied according to their tour’s venues) to a hilariously baffled producer, the four comedians will give you insight into all the shenanigans that went down behind the scenes of an eventful stand-up comedy tour.

“To see 1600 people laughing at your jokes was an amazing experience. The hall was lit beautifully, everything was lit beautifully,” said the doctor turned comedian, Jason Leong, when speaking about the group’s tour and the ability to now share their experience with the rest of the world. “I can’t wait for people to watch, probably, the combination of our 10 years.”

As summed by the long time actor and comedian, Douglas Lim, the docu-series “is just about the four of us, our friendship and what it’s like going on tour as a comedian.” So, if you want a sneak peak into what it’s like to travel the world with your best friends and make people have a good laugh, then this is the show for you!


While the MACC hosts Malaysian-Chinese Comedians, Dr Jason Leong explains how their docu-series is universal and can be enjoyed by everyone and anyone in Malaysia, regardless of their ethnicity: “Throughout the years we see that the audiences that come are not just Chinese. Actually it’s quite a mixed crowd. If I remember correctly, the jokes that we talked about in our show, you don’t have to be Malaysian-Chinese to understand what we’re saying. What we’re saying applies to all Malaysians from different walks of life.” 

The “MACC Mania X” tour took place from 12th September to 16th November in 2019. The comedians traveled around Malaysia, neighbouring Singapore and also overseas, such as Hong Kong and Australia, to perform for their tour. The tour is said to have been a great success and was greatly anticipated by audiences at every local and international venue.

Even though this is the MACC’s final tour together as a group, there is much more to expect from each of the comedians. Jenhan stated that he plans to explore deeper into filmmaking, Dr. Leong aims to star in the famous Montreal comedy show “Just For Laughs”, Chi Ho will be focusing on acting in tele-movies while Lim is getting back to work after having recently taken a short break.

Enjoy the trailer here:


The docu-series will air from 8th September at 8:30pm on Hello (CH 702) and Astro GO. Additionally, footage of the actual tour itself can be viewed on 16th September at 11pm on Hello (CH 702) and Astro GO. Both the docu-series and tour can be streamed on demand by Astro customers.

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