An aunt and her nephew were forced to strip naked and bathe in public to make amends for their alleged affair.

Around 400 locals attended and watched as the pair were being humiliated in the village of  Sola, in Sikar, Rajasthan. They were sentenced by an assembly of elder villagers, known as Khap Panchayat.

Source: YouTube

A video on YouTube posted by JP Today News shows the Khap Panchayat making the judgment. The inhuman punishment inflicted was reported to “purify” the pair. Fines were also imposed to both sides of the family.

The Khap ordered the nephew’s family to pay a fine of Rs.31,000 (RM1753), while the auntie’s relatives were told to hand over Rs.22,000 (RM1244), the New Indian Express reports. The incident took place on 21st August after the victims’ families reportedly agreed to the punishment in order to avoid becoming outcasts to the village.

Source : Mirror

Rakesh Kumar, General Secretary of the All Rajasthan Sansi Development Council, said “If the families of the couple had not agreed to bathe them publicly, they would have been made social outcasts. Their families would not have been called to any social functions and if somebody had dared to invite them, that family too would have been made outcasts.”

The local police are currently gathering statements, including videos and photos of the incident, as part of an ongoing investigation. They have arrested 9 suspects related to the barbaric punishment as of now.

Source: Mirror, New Indian Express.

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