Malaysian singer Nora Ariffin shared another update with her followers regarding the hot controversy involving her child, Putri Nor Dahlia.

In her most recent post on Instagram over the weekend, the local starlet stated she had forgiven both parties involved in the issue.

Source: Instagram via myartisdotcom

The “Samudera” songstress wrote, “Assalamualaikum. I’ve heard all the confessions and I’ve forgiven everyone. I’ve also punished my daughter in accordance to the Islamic law. Let her reflect on her mistake and ask for forgiveness from God. For now, I’ll leave it all to Him. Hopefully this issue can be taken as a lesson for all. Thank you.”


Nora came up with the statement as a response to the public apology made by the teenage boy in the clip, known as Zuher. In the 1-minute and 2-second long clip, he admitted that he was responsible for what happened. The avid TikTok user apologised to the 47-year-old mom in addition to the rest of their family members, who were obviously impacted by the controversy.

He then went on to confess, “I was the one who was responsible for the viral video. I deeply regret what I’ve done to her (Nora’s daughter). Additionally, I would like to ask all netizens to refrain from spreading the video. I’m very sorry for the mistake that I made.” Prior to this, Zuher’s mom also addressed the issue involving her son in a short clip posted on social media.


To refresh everyone’s memory, the award-winning songstress came under fire after a short snippet – showing her teen daughter, Dahlia, and her ex-boyfriend, Zuher, kissing in public – made its way online.

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