A video surfaced on the internet recently showing two teenagers kissing in public. Surprisingly, the girl in the TikTok recording was said to be the daughter of Malaysian songbird Nora Ariffin.

After being bombarded with questions by netizens, the “Hanya Satu” hit-maker took to her Instagram yesterday to address the issue. She has admitted that the girl in question was indeed her child, Putri Nor Dahlia.

Source: Instagram via Beautifulnara

“With much resentment, I admit it is her. As a mother, I’ve tried my best to teach, guide and to educate. Plus, I’ve also given my best from my limited capacity. But as a human, we can’t run away from making mistakes. She is young and still has many lessons to learn and a life to live. I also have my own weaknesses as a mom,” remarked Nora, seemingly filled with regret.


The powerhouse songstress then concluded by sharing her prayers that her daughter will “learn her lessons, be a better person and move on”. The singer also requested everyone out there to give them some space and peace to reflect on the controversy.

Scrolling through the comments, Nora ended up receiving immense criticism from local netizens. While a few defended her by pointing out that she shouldn’t be blamed, as the issue only involved her daughter.

Meanwhile, Dahlia took to Twitter to clarify the whole situation. According to her, she was forced in the clip and tried to avoid by taking a step back but was unsuccessful. She further added that she had a fight with her boyfriend after discovering that the video was recorded and ended their relationship afterwards.

Source: Twitter via Beautifulnara

Dahlia has since deactivated her Twitter after she explained her side of her story. For those interested, check out the viral clip here.

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