South Korean superstar Lee Hyori (이효리) shocked fans this week after she announced that she will be shutting down her Instagram page.

Earlier this Wednesday (2nd September), Hyori took to her Instagram account with a lengthy caption to explain the real reason behind her social media exit.

Source: Instagram

“Hello, everyone. Starting from the next few days, I plan to stop using my Instagram. I’ve been using this space to communicate with my fans, because I don’t do that many promotional activities. But now, I have become more stressed and it’s getting more difficult,” wrote the award-winning singer.


She continued, “I will seek other platforms to reach out to my fans. Thank you for cheering me on even though I am lacking in so many ways. I would also like to thank the haters who have left unpleasant words towards me. Let’s keep practising social distancing during this difficult time. I love you and thank you 😀”

Yesterday evening (Thursday, 3rd September), the “Bad Girls” jam-maker shared with her fans one final post before she undergoes her indefinite social media hiatus. She uploaded a close-up shot of her face, along with the caption “Last selfie,” bidding her die-hard supporters goodbye.

Do you feel disappointed with this sudden news? Hopefully Hyori will change her mind and come back soon!

Source: Jazmine Media.

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