Do you like to eat when you’re sad, happy, lonely, relaxed or just downright HANGRY? Well, then MYGROSER is just the thing for you!

This online grocery brand has food for every mood and will definitely end up leaving much more than just your stomach happy. You can now indulge in their fresh and delicious products, which will be conveniently delivered right to your doorstep. Who knew eating your feelings could be so hassle-free?

Whether we like to admit it or not, none of us can deny that we’re all a bunch of moody Judy’s. That is a-okay since it’s nothing to be ashamed of… Emotions are a crucial part of our human nature and, with a little help from MYGROSER we can easily embrace and cater to our emotional needs by pairing it with a tasty and fresh meal.

And that’s not all, thanks to MYGROSER’s fresh and nutritious products, treating yourself to a good meal no longer needs to be an unhealthy guilty pleasure! With that in mind, we have created a list of ideal food items that you can purchase from MYGROSER to satisfy your most common moody needs. Continue reading to find out more:

1. Stress 

Sad to say, but stress seems to be the most common mood we experience these days. Our daily schedules tend to revolve around activities like meeting a target at work, studying for an exam or caring for our children, cats, dogs, plants and more. You name it, we’re probably doing it.

So truth be told, these responsibilities can be quite stressful and time consuming. Who has the time (or the energy) to complete all these tasks, go grocery shopping AND have a stress-free day? And this is exactly the reason why we have the perfect solution for you!

MYGROSER conveniently delivers all the items you need to run a smooth and hassle-free day right to your doorstep – with zero stress! From Cooking Ingredients, Household Products, Baby & Child items and Pet Care products, MYGROSER has got you covered. Additionally, to make your life even easier, MYGROSER provides Ready To Cook meals!!! These fresh and easy meals come in both Asian and Western cuisines with the ingredients all set up. All you need it to do is cook! I mean, does it get more stress-free than that?

You know you deserve a good break. So just order all the necessities right to your doorstep, toss yourself a quick ready to cook meal and lean back to peacefully enjoy the rest of your day. No traffic. No stress. Just good vibes together with My Groser.

2. Calm 

Are you enjoying a lazy weekend at home? Have you burnt some incense, put on some smooth jazz or just finished doing some yoga? Well, MYGROSER doesn’t just cater only to the stressed and tensed, they also cater to those who want to stay at home and just chill out.

You may want to spend your calm day at home with a refreshing smoothie bowl, a fresh and healthy meal or even bake up some yummy goodies. MYGROSER now gives you the simple solution for ordering fresh Fruit & Vegetables for your nutritious meal, or even all your Home Baking essentials, with a quick click of a button.

Keep in mind that MYGROSER is the only online grocery brand that offers a freshness guarantee. This means that if a delivered product isn’t fresh, MYGROSER will send a replacement or refund the amount back into your MYGROSER account via store credit.

Excellent service like this is exactly why MYGROSER is the ideal mood booster! The only thing better than being able to enjoy a light and easy day at home is the fact that you can actually enjoy that day with a deliciously fresh meal.

3. Romantic 

Source: The Mindful Word

Enjoying some romantic time with your special someone? Maybe you’re celebrating an anniversary or simply want to appreciate each other? Well, MYGROSER can cater to that mood too!

As nothing says romance better than an intimate dinner, you can now cook some fresh Meat & Seafood or even a fragrant Pasta dish from MYGROSER and enjoy a delicious meal for two. Pair it with some wine, and voila, we have a scene from a beautiful love story.

If you also like to spread love in other ways, such as with some breakfast in bed or a freshly baked goodie, then MYGROSER can easily help with that too. Head on over to any of their product categories and choose an item that best suits your love language. We guarantee that MYGROSER is the one stop shop for all your daily needs.

4. Lonely

Source: Talk Space

Did you really think MYGROSER forgot about all of us introverts out there? Of course not! Everyone knows that we loners love to snuggle up in bed and just Netflix (without the chill part, obviously :p). And, if you’re really a true loner, you’ll know that the only things we need are some pillows, a blanket, a binge-worthy TV series and, of course, some munchies! Whether we’re crying over an underserving ex, or just enjoying some “me time”, munchies are an essential food need for this mood!!! Do we hear an amen? Amen.

But of course when you’re still in your pyjamas and want zero interaction with any other human, you really don’t feel like putting on some real clothes and heading to the grocery store just to buy munchies. Nooooo, you want it brought right to you doorstep so that all you have to do is open up that bag of potato chips and happily click “Next Episode”.

Being able to actually do this so easily may sound like a dream, but that’s exactly why MYGROSER is a dream come true. You can just click on MYGROSER’s Snacks & Chips category and choose from a delicious choice of munchies, which range from biscuits to even nuts, and they’ll bring it right to you. Whether you want to munch on some cheesy chips or a healthy bite while drowning in showbiz drama, MYGROSER offers it all.

5. Cheerful  

Source: Passoa

Are you feeling happy and cheerful? Do you feel like you’re in the mood to celebrate? Feel like having a partyyyyy? Okay okay, having a major party with too many people might not be the best idea during RMCO, but you can still definitely have a small-scale celebration with your loved ones! And now, MYGROSER can help you plan a party within a matter of minutes. From Party Ware to Beer, Wine & Spirits, MYGROSER has all your party items and will deliver it to your event’s venue ASAP.

And yes, we know that while planning a party could be hassle-free, it’s the cleaning up after that’s a real headache. But you guessed it, MYGROSER can help with that too. While ordering all the food and drink items for your cheerful event, you can also order the cleaning products for the “after party” all in one go. Just remember to click on the category Household Cleaners before checking out and you’ll have everything you need to party like nobody’s watching 😉

Cheers to that, right!

6. Nostalgic 

Source: Time Out

This is a mood that takes over all of us on and off. Everyone gets a little sentimental and homesick. However, as common as this feeling may be, not all grocers can cater to satisfying such a personal feeling – That’s exactly another reason why you need MYGROSER’s services in your life. The online grocery store offers Kuih Nyonya local delicacies, which will instantly bring back sweet memories that will have you truly appreciating home.

Whenever you want an authentic taste of home, just click on MYGROSER’s Local Delicacies category and choose from a wide array of colourful and tasty Kuih Nyonyas. Who knew missing home could have such an authentically local solution?

And there you have it, all the moods you could possibly feel along with MYGROSER’s solution to satisfying each and every one of them! Whether you’re constantly feeling one of these moods, or you’re on a roller coaster ride that glides through all of them, MYGROSER has got you covered.

In conjunction with their one year anniversary, the online grocery service is also offering up to RM1,000,000 in deals, discounts, and value. Don’t forget to redeem the vouchers available under the PENJANA Shop Malaysia Online programme

Thanks to MYGROSER’s services we are all #TogetherToBeBetter. You can now start shopping via their Android and iOS mobile app or MYGROSER’s website.

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