Cheshires rejoice! The girls of CLC (씨엘씨) came back strong with their jaw-dropping single, “Helicopter”, after taking a year long hiatus.

The seven-member K-pop group performed the song for the first time at their online showcase held last week. During the interview, they dished on the new song and what they would like to achieve for this comeback.

Source: Cube Entertainment

In speaking about the process of preparing for the comeback, team leader Seungyeon said that fans can look forward to their exciting performances. She explained, “As Yeeun called ‘Helicopter’ an autobiographical song, we tried to put our story (into the song) as much as possible.”


“This is the first time we are performing with male dancers, so I hope our performance this time feels more sophisticated and bigger,” the 24-year-old idol told the MC. Seunghee then added, “We devoted a lot of effort for this song. We studied a lot, and we practiced a lot. I guess the biggest stand-out point is that ‘Helicopter’ contains our genuine voices and message.” 

Source: Cube Entertainment

When asked about what they want to achieve for this comeback, Seungyeon responded, “I heard wonderful news about BTS recently where they ranked at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. This is a sign that K-pop is being loved all over the globe. We also hope to get to see our name on the Billboard charts this time”.

Would CLC like their song to hit number one on music shows? According to Yeeun, “I think if we manage to get a place on the Billboard charts, then other achievements will follow,” before Seungyeon optimistically remarked, “Hopefully all of us can enjoy this promotion with no regrets and stay healthy through it.”

We sincerely hope that the girls can make their dreams come true with this comeback. In the meantime, enjoy the music video for “Helicopter” here:

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