A video has surfaced on the internet showing 2 Hershey’s chocolates placed on the windshield of a car accompanied with an apology note.

Not soon after, the video shows the severe damage on the car which will definitely take more than 2 chocolate bars to compensate for.

A Twitter user who goes by the handle @rempitlogic uploaded the video 2 days ago (Tuesday, September 1st) and has been retweeted by 6,700 other users as at the time of writing. The person found the note and 2 bars of chocolate clipped to the front wipers after leaving Walmart, on the way to her car.

The note stated, “Sorry for the damage on your car, can’t afford to fix it but here’s chocolate insted” accompanied with a winking smiley face. Surprisingly, the woman sounded very calm in the video.

Some netizens weren’t as calm as they felt bad for the woman in the video. However, most found it hilarious and replied to the tweet with laughs and jokes.

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