A horrifying clip, showing a long snake being removed from a woman’s mouth, has been circulating online this past week.

According to reports, the reptile had apparently slithered inside the Russian woman while she was asleep at her home in Levashi village in Dagestan.

Source: Daily Mail

In the shocking video, we see the gloved hands of a male doctor inserting a tube down the patient’s throat. One of the doctors at the scene can be heard saying, “Let’s see what this is“. A female staff couldn’t hide her horrific expression as the 4-foot-long snake was being pulled out of the woman’s mouth.


Upon realising the long length of the creature, the medic jumped back startled. She then takes the snake with her shaking hands and drops it inside a medical bin. It was not revealed whether the snake was still alive or how long it was inside the woman’s body.

Watch it here:

It is believed that such instances are quite frequent in the village of Levashi as old folks would often advise their young ones against outdoors for fear of snakes entering them through their mouths.

Source: Daily Mail.

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