2020 has been a year like no other, don’t you think so?

For those who don’t know, astrologers have long predicted that 2020 would be a year of global disruption, due to the alignment of planets Pluto and Saturn. But still, no one could have ever predicted half of the shenanigans better than Mercury’s movements into retrograde.


Regardless of your personal views on astrology, it’s hard not to see something relatable about your sign and think “OMG, that’s totally me!” Well, you’ll probably feel the same way with these totally unique combinations of our favourite snacks.

Curious to know which uniquely Malaysian combination are you based on your star sign? If you are, feel free to read on:

1. Aries (21st March – 19th April)

  • Your uniquely Malaysian combo: Cap Tangan groundnuts and F&N orange.

Eager, quick, dynamic and competitive, Aries embodies the element of fire. While many wait until Chinese New Year to enjoy this delightful combination, Aries are trailblazers in their own right and they will never do something just because it’s in trend.

This Uniquely Malaysian combination is perfect for the heat that an Aries brings because while many will suffer from ‘heatiness’ if they enjoy this combo a little bit too much – it’s a piece of cake for the fiery Aries.

2. Taurus (20th April 20th – 20th May)

  • Your uniquely Malaysian combo: Durian and rice

Ambitious, trustworthy and honest, Taureans want to leave the drama behind, roll up those sleeves and get to work. A Taurean is one of the hardest-working signs but they also know how to seek pleasure and indulge whenever they can.

The perfect combo for the Taurean that rules the planet of Venus is durian and rice where the King of Fruits meets a staple in many Malaysian households. Nothing brings more happiness when the two meet in Malaysian matrimony.


3. Gemini (21st May – 20th June)

  • Your uniquely Malaysian combo: Rojak buah

Geminis are the chameleons of all the zodiac signs. Emotionally intelligent, quick-witted and energetic, Geminis are full of optimism and will always be able to look on the bright side of things.

A wholesome bowl of rojak buah matches the life of the party that is the Gemini – always full of flavour, texture and colour.

4. Cancer (21st June – 22nd July)

Your uniquely Malaysian combo: Bahulu cakes and teh tarik

Cancers rule the Moon. Emotional and practically psychic, Cancers are caring, sensitive and intuitive.

Cancers’ spirit animal is the Crab. Don’t let its hard exoskeleton fool you because on the inside – it’s just as soft as the yummy Kuih Bahulu. Cancers are all about keeping the mind, body and soul in check, and there’s no better way to centre yourself at the end of the day than with a hot cup of Teh Tarik.

5. Leo (23rd July – 22nd August)

  • Your uniquely Malaysian combo: Milo and Tiger biscuits

Leos are courageous, bold and intelligent, and rules the Sun. While Leos maintain a close knit circle of true friends, they love mates who can live life as loud as a tiger’s roar.

Sweet and gentle yet ferocious, the Milo and Tiger Biscuits are the go-to for the positive Lion or Lioness.

6. Virgo (23rd August – 22nd September)

  • Your uniquely Malaysian combo: Sunflower seeds (kuaci) and 100 Plus

Virgos are loyal, analytical and gentle beings. They seem shy at first but once you earn their trust, a Virgo will become a life-long friend.

This Earth star sign is also prone to nervous stomachs where they can fall physically ill when they’re upset so Virgos have learned from early on to trust their gut instincts, literally. The best combo for the Virgo is Sunflower seeds, a snack you can have a few hundred of at one go, while hydrating with some good old 100 Plus – Malaysia’s first isotonic drink!

7. Libra (23rd September – 22nd October)

  • Your uniquely Malaysian combo: Nasi lemak and coffee

Libras loves daydreaming. They like to be up in the clouds and because of that – their imagination becomes their biggest asset.

The dream combo of Nasi Lemak and Coffee has to be the most fitting for Libras and any Malaysian for that matter. An instant favourite and definitely very uniquely Malaysian!

8. Scorpio (23rd October – 21st November)

  • Your uniquely Malaysian combo: Bread and condensed milk

Passionate, stubborn and brave, Scorpios are ruled by the tiny but mighty Pluto – the planet of control and power. Just like its spirit animal, the scorpion, that has a venomous sting, the bread and condensed milk combo will surely bring balance to the fiery Scorpio.

9. Sagittarius (22nd November – 21st December)

  • Your uniquely Malaysian combo: Mamee Monster and lychee juice

Sagittarius is the last fire sign of the zodiac and its blazing archers means that this star sign is always on the search for new adventures.

Sags are the comedian among the star signs, which means they bring blunt humour and infectious laughter while keeping their sharp tongues in check. These adventurous creatures are born to explore and the Mamee Monster and Lychee combo is the ultimate choice for them.

10. Capricorn (22nd December – 19th January)

  • Your uniquely Malaysian combo: Murukku and F&N strawberry

The intense Muruku and F&N Strawberry flavours are clear reflections of the Capricorn’s ability to navigate the steepest mountains and deepest emotional realms. Represented by the mythological sea goat with a tail of a fish and a body of a goat, the Capricorn is an advocate of unique blends of flavour.

11. Aquarius (20th January – 18th February)

  • Your uniquely Malaysian combo: Ice-cream sandwich

A rebel at heart, the cool Aquarius fights against the conventional and will never give up its independent spirit. Known for doing things their own way, the eccentric Aquarius marches to their own beat. This is probably why they are naturally popular and vibrant amongst social groups, just like ice-cream sandwiches.

12. Pisces (19th February – 20th March)

  • Your uniquely Malaysian combo: Kuih-muih and Kopi O

The last but definitely not the least constellation of the star signs, symbolised by two fishes swimming in opposite directions that represents the constant push and pull of a Pisches’ attention between reality and fantasy.

This push and pull is best embodied by this unique combo of the sweet kuih-muih that lets your taste buds explore your wildest dreams while the classic Kopi O keeps you grounded in the bitter reality.

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