Daud Kim (김재한) caused a massive stir among the internet community this week after a female TikTok user accused him of sexually assaulting her.

After a brief moment of silence, the South Korean YouTube personality is shedding some light on the allegations made against him on the internet.

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According to Daud, the incident happened exactly about a year and 2 months ago, before he became a Muslim. “On 27th June 2019, I drank alone at a club in Hongdae, and I met 2 girls there. We talked and exchanged messengers (app). A few hours later, I sent a text to one of them, saying that I wanted to meet her. She gave me her house address and allowed me to come,” shared the former K-pop singer.


He further explained, “Because I was too drunk and in a bad condition, she wanted to take care of me. After we talked a bit more, I fell asleep at the sofa and then I blacked out. After I woke up, I remembered somebody screamed and shouted at me. They told me they will report me to the police. I completely panicked so I hurried out of the place.”

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In the 6-minute and 20-second long video, Daud also claimed that the sexual assault attempt was actually an accident. Following his investigation with the cops, the influencer added that he met the female victim and apologised. “At first I thought I didn’t do it. Because I couldn’t remember and I know I’m not a bad person. But after I heard her, I felt guilty,” remarked the YouTuber in a remorseful tone.

He added, “She wanted me to apologise. So we met face-to-face on 5th July 2019. I apologised sincerely, and she accepted. There was a document about this, an agreement document.” Additionally, Daud said that he previously posted a statement on his Instagram to address the incident. However, he ended up deleting it to avoid backlash from netizens.

Daud concluded the clip by assuring everyone that he has repented following the accident, as he tearfully asked for forgiveness from God as well as his subscribers and fans. He also expressed his gratitude towards those who have supported him during the difficult time.

Despite Daud’s effort in clearing the air on the matter, the TikTok user responded by claiming that he broke the agreement by taking down his apology post on Instagram. “He cowardly took it down and I rightfully posted about my assault again since he conveniently wanted everyone to ‘forget’. He apologised again (on YouTube) because he was caught,” she wrote on social media.

Fuelled with anger, she continued by criticising the Korean authorities for not taking any action against the culprit and also Daud’s fans who have been harassing her. For those interested, read her full statement here:

Source: TikTok
Source: TikTok

Check out what netizens online have to say in response to the issue:


What are your thoughts on this case? Do you accept Daud’s apology?

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