It’s been almost a week since Darryl Ian Koshy – or Dee Kosh – was accused of multiple sexual harassment claims, including alleged involvement with at least 1 minor.

Since then, those close to Dee (especially his friends and talents under him) have been pressured to say something. The scrutiny has been intense and unfair. Having said that, all of the talents have since collectively released their statements respectively on their socials, stating that none of them had engaged in any sexual activities with their manager.

1. Ben Tang

Dee Kosh
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A collage of selfies of Dee and Ben (who is one of his longest talents) started gaining traction online few days ago. It shows the YouTuber in a pink wig channeling 1 of his 3 female alter egos – Xiao Tina. The duo were pictured in highly intimate poses, including some where the 26-year-old influencer was shirtless.


Ben clarified that those snapshots were staged, photoshopped and of consensual nature. “They were part of a fictional narrative in an ongoing plot involving Xiao Tina. Surely viewers of Dee Kosh would know this,” he wrote. Read his full post below:

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My Statement.

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2. Xinde Yap

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My statement. Thank you.

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Dee Kosh
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In addition to Ben, Xinde has also been 1 of Dee’s longest talents. He was also 1 of the first to speak up when someone rudely asked if he had oral sex with the controversial content creator. “I have been working with Dee for more than 4 years and never once has he made any sexual advances,” the new dad explained.


3. Go Shi Song

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It’s important to use our voice and platform to speak up about the truth, so here is mine. I will be addressing the false allegation that has been circulating around social media regarding my relationship with @deekosh . I first joined Dee Kosh as a talent back in July of 2017. Prior to that, my brother and him had a mutual friend that introduced me to dee when he was in search for a new talent for one of his videos. We became good friends and after knowing him for around 2-3years, he offered me a place as a talent in his company. As I was interested in advancing my social media career, I decided to take up the opportunity and see if I had what it takes to be in this industry. To address the issue directly – an individual accused me for doing Dee a indecent favour for 'easy money'. Many people even reached out to me, asking me to stand up for myself and 'spread the facts'. This recent event made me feel angry and disgusted because I couldn't comprehend how this individual who had little to no knowledge of our working relationship and friendship could make such a heavy claim about me. I would like to make it very clear to everyone that Dee has never once made me feel unsafe or stepped over my boundaries. I’ve now spent over 3 years working with him and the working arrangement has been nothing but professional. If anything, Dee has provided me with a comfortable working environment. Be it filming videos for his channel or working in client projects – he made sure things were open and transparent to me. Here’s what you don’t get to see – my personal friendship with Dee. Unlike our “happy go lucky” personas on camera, our friendship is very heartfelt. Whether it was a tragic passing of a loved one or overcoming obstacles in my own personal relationship, he has always provided me with the care and support I needed, as a boss and as a friend. While that’s my side of the story, many individuals have come forth to share their experiences where they felt harassed by Deekosh. I absolutely do not condone sexual harassment of any forms. Investigations against Deekosh are ongoing, and if found guilty, he will have to face the consequences.

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4. Hamza Zaidi

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My statement.

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5-6. Marcus Tan & Keith

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My statement.

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Swipe left for full convo

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Marcus and Keith are the newest recruits under Dee’s talent management. So far, their videos have mostly centred around TikTok content and them being Gen-Z. Just like the rest, the pair also maintained that their relationship with Dee has been strictly professional.

7. Putra 

Out of all the 7 talents, Putra – who specialises in make up – has officially left the Dee Kosh management. Apparently the decision was already made earlier this week, but “I was told not to (post anything) because I was still in contract… They had to handle the termination in a proper way as I have on-going jobs“.

Popular YouTube channel Night Owl Cinematics (NOC) has also released a statement, saying that all work with Dee has been put on hold. The video production company had also removed the 32-year-old YouTuber from their YouTube video credits and website about us page.

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Our statement.

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Fans have been left wondering if they have cut ties for good. Mothership also noted that Dee’s byline no longer appears in the recent “Food King” episodes. The removal of his name from previous videos goes as far back as 3 months.

In NOC’s statement, the company revealed that it was Dee’s management who made the request to conclude their dealings.

Source: Mothership.

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