Agrain is a restaurant with a mission to reinvent and rejuvenate the health food market in Malaysia. Since the time it was founded, the eatery has taken many successful initiatives to help the community easily adapt to a healthier lifestyle. One such amazing initiative was the recent launch of Agrain’s Macro Calculator.

The Macro Calculator was carefully created by consulting with professional chefs for a period of more than two months. This informative function allows customers to instantly calculate the dietary value of any chosen item when ordering from Agrain’s menu.



If you’re looking to eat meals that are nutritionally crafted for your specific dietary needs, then Agrain’s Macro Calculator is the perfect solution. Since its launch, this initiative has been greatly adored by Agrain’s customers who desire both a tasty and nutritionally balanced meal.

Additionally, the health food restaurant has also collaborated with fitness coaches Linora Low, Alex Chee and Kit Mah to create meal plans customised perfectly to assist various groups in achieving their personal fitness goals.


Agrain’s menu not only ticks all the boxes when it comes to nutritional food, but also has its own special Malaysian touch added to it. The local ingredients (sourced from Cameron Highlands) and the familiar local flavours have been fused interestingly with the typical healthy food cuisine. All-time favourite Malaysian flavours, such as salted egg, teriyaki and even coconut, can be enjoyed when indulging in their healthy meals.

Agrain is the ideal place to enjoy a healthy meal that is fresh, light and reasonably priced. You can choose which size, protein, supplement, topping and dressing you would like for each meal. And that’s not all, you get to understand the nutrition profile of each and every meal you order!

Source: Eat Drink KL

If you’re craving a healthy meal that is perfectly tailored for you, then head on over to one of Agrain’s outlets or get it delivered via GrabFood or Foodpanda.

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