You cannot help but cringe at the viral video of First Lady Melania Trump refusing to hold US President Donald Trump’s hand as they stepped out from an Air Force One aircraft.

However, we’re not the only ones who are cringing. This video was also seen by popular pop star Rihanna, who cheekily edited the clip with her own twist and posted it on her Instagram profile @badgalriri for a good laugh.

In Rihanna’s edited version of the video, she added her song “Needed Me” as the background audio. The lyrics “I was good on own / That’s the way it was / That’s the way it was” hilariously plays over the visual of Melania repeatedly moving away from Mr Trump, making the clip even funnier than it already is!

It seems that with great wit from Rihanna, comes great awkwardness for the Trumps. The post which was published on Rihanna’s Instagram profile today caught the attention of many, including Lady Gaga. The Grammy winner also decided to join in on trolling the Trumps, commented “That Birkin is PISSED” under the post.



That Birkin looked like it wanted to run as far as it possibly can. And it does not seem to matter to where or in what direction, as long as it is anywhere far far away from Mr Trump. It seems that Melania Trump would much rather be embraced by her Birkin bag and trench coat instead of her very own husband.

The video shows the Trump’s stepping down from an aircraft which landed in Washington DC on 17th August 2020. Donald Trump is seen desperately scrambling for his wife’s hand, which she awkwardly dodges over and over again.


Along with the clip, Rihanna also captioned the post “Melania likes art” followed by a shrugging emoji. The candid sarcasm and sense of humour behind the singer’s recent post cannot be ignored!

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