Local movie-goers, brace yourselves!

Previously, quite a number of films had to be postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic as well as the implementation of the movement control order (MCO). Now with the reopening of cinemas nationwide, some of the films will finally be debuting on the big screen in the next few months time.

So, without further ado, here are a few local movies that are set to premier from August to December.


1. “Roh”

Source: Movies and Mania
  • Cast: Farah Ahmad, Mhia Farhana, Harith Haziq, June Lojong, Namron and Putri Qaseh
  • Synopsis: This horror flick revolves around a family whose life turns awry after a mysterious little girl tells a horrifying prediction about them.
  • Release date: 6th August

2. “Mimaland”

  • Cast: Fattah Amin, Sophia Albarakbah, Farah Ahmad, Zalif Sidek, Camelia Natasya, Hazzy Alzeeq, Chelsea Esdher Wang, Cindy Dahyun Ohn, Adam John, Liyana Yusof, Shyrim HM, Zandra Ridhuwan.
  • Synopsis: A couple went to a haunted theme park to shoot a reality programme. In order to save their unborn child, they must overcome vengeful spirits.
  • Release date: 24th September
  • Fun fact: The movie is actually set in a real haunted theme park located in Gombak, Selangor.

3. “In My Heart”

  • Cast: Charles Tu and Teng Yuan
  • Synopsis: This romance flick is about Ah Lee who gives up on his music career following a family tragedy. But things eventually took a turn after he meets a girl.
  • Release date: 24th September

4. “Takut Ke Tak”

  • Cast: Nabil Aqil, Arwind Kumar and Fabian Loo.
  • Synopsis: 5 students majoring in film plan to shoot at a haunted house, proving that not all horror films should have cliches. However, something rather intriguing happened along the way. If you’re curious, find out if you’re up for it.
  • Release date: 29th October.

5. “Rumah Cikgu Salina”

  • Cast: Mona Allen, Pekin Ibrahim and Dewi Amanda
  • Synopsis: The film is about Cikgu Salina, who experiences strange happenings at her house, frightening the kids living there.
  • Release date: 5th November

6. “Poochandi”

  • Cast: Tinesh Sarathi Krishnan and Hamsni Perumal
  • Synopsis: The suspense thriller centres on Indian national journalist Murugan, who collects paranormal stories for his magazine. He travels to Malaysia to uncover several supernatural tales.
  • Release date: 12th November

7. “Kenderaan Berat Ikut Kiri”

  • Cast: Syafie Naswip and Sweet Qismina.
  • Synopsis: The romantic comedy tells the story of Adam and Lisa’s blossoming relationship, until it gets complicated when a human trafficker gets involved between them.
  • Release date: 26th November

8. “Masuk Jawi”

  • Cast: Zainol Ismail and Badrul Munir
  • Synopsis: This heartwarming family movie tells the story of a young boy who causes a stir at his hometown after he refuses to undergo a ritual circumcision.
  • Release date: 3rd December

9. “Craze Below The Wind”

Source: Facebook
  • Cast: Tian Long, Daphne Low, Gadrick Chin, Charles Wong, Carol Tang and Hazli Bojili
  • Synopsis: Shot entirely in the Land Below the Wind, Sabah, the movie is about Ah Long, who is forced to get involved in an illegal business in order to save his sister.
  • Release date: 3rd December

So, which movie are you looking forward to watch the most?


Source: The Star.

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