A Malaysian girl named Christine Lim recently exposed a Twitter account for illegally using her Instagram posts for indecent purposes.

During a chat with a local portal, the young woman said that she initially found out about it after a friend sent screenshots of her photos posted on the account, accompanied with pornographic captions back on Friday (17th July).

Sources: Twitter via WoB, YouTube

“I found out that there were several photos of me posted alongside perverted captions,” Christine told the site. She then discovered that she wasn’t the only girl who had been victimised by the internet troll, much to her surprise. According to her, “I was shocked to find out that I wasn’t the only victim. There were quite a few of my friends as well.”


Refusing to stay mum, Christine took swift action by spamming the account with comments, demanding them to delete the posts. The user apologised and set the account to private afterwards. Worried that her photos were still being used for inappropriate purposes, she then reported the account and urged her friends to do the same.

Source: YouTube

During the chat, Christine also revealed that she had encountered a similar situation previously. “The first time I experienced something like this was in January 2019 and it was an English account. The post mentioned words that were really sexual and violated my body. It didn’t mention anything about editing the photos into nudes,” she shared.

“That time I kept silent and reported the account by myself, along with some of my friends, thinking that it will go away on its own, but I was wrong. As this was not the first time, I knew enough is enough. Someone should put a stop to this before things become even worse,” Christine further added.

She also recorded a video on her YouTube to elaborate on her horrific experience in an effort to raise awareness and prevent other girls out there from becoming a victim. Watch it here:

In case you are wondering, the Twitter account has been deactivated.

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