The long-term dispute between Lufya Omar and her former husband Dr. Che Hafiz has finally come to an end after the local celeb confirmed their split.

After their divorce news came to light, rumours have been circulating that Dr. Che’ Hafiz is actually gay. Others also claimed that their marital conflict was due to his affair with another guy.


Refusing to stay mum, the doctor took to Instagram to shut down these false claims. According to him, he received a direct message (DM) from an individual who allegedly found him in a gay dating app a few months ago.

Instead of lashing out, he said, “I’m not surprised if this happens. With today’s technological advances, people can easily make use of our pictures to catfish others. It has happened a lot and I’m not the only one who has been affected by this, especially now that we’re reaching the end of the world.”

Source: @drchehafiz

In the lengthy caption, he added, “I know that I’m a very open-minded person. I like to be friends with anyone and I try not to judge people. If people treat me well, I’ll do the same. I have my limits, but it’s not my right to punish or criticise the naysayers.”

“They are human beings after all. If possible, we should at least give them proper advice. If you’re not up for it, it’s better to just stay silent about it. I would also like to say that if you come across such news about me, kindly investigate and validate it before jumping to conclusion. I believe we are smart enough to think rationally,” urged the 30-year-old.

Source: AWANI

Dr. Che’ Hafiz tied the knot with the former “Akademi Fantasia” star on 26th November 2016 and have one daughter together.

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