Controversial figure Han Seo Hee (한소희) has landed herself in hot water again.

This time around, the former K-pop idol trainee tested positive for drugs again while still on probation.

According to Koreaboo, Etoday was responsible for breaking the news when a probation officer from the Ministry of Justice conducted a random, unannounced urine test on the 25-year-old.


This incident took place just 2 days ago on Wednesday (8th July). Following the investigation, Seo Hee was accused of violating the Psychoactive Drug Administration Law. The South Korean had been sentenced to 4 years of probation since September 2017. The probation officer is allowed to conduct a random inspection at least once a month.

Han Seo Hee
Source: IG

Drug offenders such as those who use marijuana can be randomly tested for drugs during their probation period. If the test results are positive, an inevitable investigation would be underway by the prosecution,” the inspection agency said in a statement.

The rep added, “We don’t know what the court will say regarding Han Seo Hee’s positive drug test during the probation period, but it shouldn’t be overlooked and she could face her 3-year prison sentence for violating her probation.

Source: IG

Now that she has been caught red handed again, the prosecution team will proceed to re-open investigations into her alleged crime.

Source: Koreaboo.

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