Sunmi (선미)’s reaction was priceless when people had been accusing her of getting a job done on her breasts.

The solo artiste recently appeared on 1theK’s “Look Me Up”, where she read through all kinds of information about themselves online. This include her profile pages, posts about her on various online forums, comments from netizens, and more.

Source: Instagram

While scrolling through her profile page, the viral video of her performance from the 2018 “Water Bomb Festival” came to light. “Following the event, when you look my name up online, the first thing that popped up is ‘Sunmi breast implants’,” commented the 28-year-old.


She then explained, “Honestly, I can’t show you an X-ray or anything to prove it. Plus, my boobs are not that big anyway. I think a lot of people were skeptical because of how they seemed to compare my body at the time. But rest assured that I didn’t get them done.” 

Source: Instagram

Remember the recent viral Instagram photo that caused a commotion among the internet community? The controversial topic of her rumoured boob job was brought up again in the later part of the video. Sunmi remarked, “My younger brother took this. He’s majoring in photography. This picture has more likes than my comeback teasers!”

“Anyway, after this photo was posted, my international fans called me out, saying ‘You had breast implants. Explain.’ So, I came here to explain that I didn’t get a boob job,” Sunmi clarified, before adding, “They’re not even that big.” 

Watch the full clip here:


How we wish we could be as sassy as this K-pop starlet!

Source: AllKpop.

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