K-pop starlet Sunmi (선미)’s recent update on her Instagram has caused quite a stir among the internet community.

In the photo, the 28-year-old looks smoking hot in a black oversized blazer over her bare physique. She also complimented the sexy look with simple accessories.


Apart from being bombarded with complimenting remarks from her followers, Sunmi’s daring shot was also met with tons of backlash from K-netizens online as well. In this case, a lot of people accused the former Wonder Girls member of undergoing breast implants.

This isn’t the first time for Sunmi, though. The “Lalalay” singer had previously denied the false allegations several times. For those interested, check out some of the highlighted comments left by them below:

  • “Looks like she really did breast implants.”
  • “Seems like she is satisfied with her boob job.”
  • “Any woman can tell that she went under the knife. We already know that.”
  • “Since boob jobs are so expensive, of course I will show it off too.”
  • “She seemed eager to show off her boobs.”
  • “Looking at how skinny she is in the photo, there’s no way that her boobs will naturally grow like that.”
Source: Instagram

Ouch! The internet surely can be toxic at times.

Source: WowKeren.

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