Someone recently pretended to be a fan of Jackson Wang (王嘉尔/ 왕잭슨) just to make extra cash.

A netizen in Guilin, China spotted the GOT7 member last week when she was hanging out in a shopping mall. Upon recognising the K-pop star, she went up to him and requested for his autograph.

Source: Twitter

According to the unidentified fan, Jackson was in the area to film the Chinese variety show “Keep Running” (跑男), also known as “Running Man China” or “Hurry Up, Brother”. In her post, the woman said that the singer-rapper was very nice in person.


When she approached Jackson with her notebook, she wasn’t carrying a pen at the time. However, the Asian artist promised her, saying, “It’s okay. I’ll wait for you while you go and get a pen.” When she returned, he happily signed her notebook and added a “Thank you“.

Source: Weibo
Source: Weibo

Shockingly, the female took Jackson’s autograph and listed it for sale online for a jaw-dropping 20,000 RMB (~RM12,000). That’s not all, the person also photocopied the pop star’s signature and listed it for 2000 RMB (~RM1200) each!

Many fans were visibly upset at the woman’s actions and accused her of using Jackson’s kindness just to make money. Loyal followers felt that a true fan wouldn’t do something this unethical.

Source: Twitter

Source: 38JieJie.

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