Song Joong Ki (송중기)’s personal life has often been the main focus of the media and also netizens’ attention ever since his divorce with Song Hye Kyo went public

Word has it that the K-drama heartthrob is currently having a relationship with a lawyer known as “A”. Apparently, the rumours began circulating in the legal industry after the woman’s personal details were spread via instant messaging app.

Source: Pannkpop

The actor’s home label, History D&C, quickly responded by releasing an official statement to give their clarifications on the matter. According to the agency, “The news that Song Joong Ki is dating is not true. These rumours have been circulating in the legal industry recently. But upon checking, it’s not true.”


History D&C further added that Song Joong Ki is currently busy with his scheduled activities, which was delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. “He has been working hard in adjusting his schedules. Additionally, he unfortunately had to step down from one of his upcoming film roles due to his overlapping schedules,” the entertainment company revealed.

Source: Kimchi Daily

In another statement released to the media, Song Joong Ki’s reps clarified more about the situation. The agency claimed that Song Joong Ki is close with “A”. However, they denied that the two are in a romantic relationship.

The company further revealed that they won’t hesitate to take action against the culprits who spread such false claims.

Source: Jazmine Media.

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