Introducing LEGO Monkie Kid – the first ever Chinese legend inspired LEGO theme. If you think it’s related to the legendary Monkey King (from “Journey to the West”, you’re absolutely right.

The story follows an ordinary boy named Monkie Kid, who becomes the chosen one to Monkey King’s legendary staff. The modern Chinese twist celebrates bravery and friendship, as Monkie Kid attempts to stop the Demon Bull King and his army of Bull Clones from destroying his city.


I have been touched and inspired by China’s rich history and culture, the passion and pride of the people and the incredible creativity of China. It has been an honour and privilege to be able to immerse myself in China’s culture of storytelling, in particular – Journey to the West and the Monkey King,” said Simon Lucas.

The Senior Design Director at the LEGO Group continued, “The epic stories and incredible characters have been a huge inspiration to the LEGO design team and me. It is with deepest respect for Chinese culture and the 500-year-old legend that we have created the next chapter in the story of the Monkey King – The Monkie Kid.”

Here are some fun facts about LEGO Monkie Kid:

1. LEGO Monkie Kid is the first ever LEGO theme that is inspired by Chinese culture and values.

2. 12 brand new never-before-seen LEGO elements including:

  • a bespoke wig for Mei (Perfecting a wig can take up to five weeks and the hairpieces are sculpted in a scale three times larger than the minifigure)
  • a bespoke wig for Monkie Kid
  • a new head for Pigsy
  • a new hairpiece for Red Son
  • a new hairpiece for Princess Iron Fan

3. With 119 drum lacquered (metallic gold) elements (in 14 different shapes and not including the foil elements), the Monkey King Warrior Mech (80012) is the LEGO model that has the most drum lacquered elements.


4. It took 2 years from initial ideation to final products.

5. LEGO Monkie Kid has been developed in very close collaboration between colleagues in China and Denmark and with children and parents in China.

The 8 action-packed LEGO Monkie Kid sets include:

  • 80006 White Dragon Horse Bike
  • 80007 Iron Bull Tank
  • 80008 Monkie Kid’s Cloud Jet
  • 80009 Pigsy’s Food Truck
  • 80010 Demon Bull King
  • 80011 Red Son’s Inferno Truck
  • 80012 Monkey King Warrior Mech
  • 80013 Monkie Kid’s Team Secret HQ

Watch the mini movie’s trailer here:

The mini movie will premiere on TV3 this Saturday (13th June) at 10:30.

For more info, go here.

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