Oh no! Looks like another couple has called it quits.

Earlier today (Thursday, 11th June), News1 reported that Honey Lee (이하늬) and Yoon Kye Sang (윤계상) have sadly parted ways after dating for 7 years.

Source: Kpopchart.net

According to the news outlet, both of them have decided to end their relationship and remain as good friends instead. Not only that, it also said that a number of people who are close to the former flames were already aware of the unfortunate news.


Saram Entertainment, the entertainment agency for both the g.o.d member and the former “Get It Beauty” MC, released a statement to confirm the reports. The company shared, “Yoon Kye Sang and Honey Lee have recently ended their romantic relationship and decided to remain as good colleagues. We would like to ask for your support for both of them in the future.”

Source: Twitter

Honey Lee is currently preparing for her scheduled activities overseas and also in discussion for her next film role. While Yoon Kye Sang is preparing for the release of his new movie called “Fluid Renegades”.

Source: Koreaboo.

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