Bunga Citra Lestari (BCL) recently shared with her fans a special clip in loving memory of her deceased husband Ashraf Sinclair on YouTube.

Titled “Dear Love…”, the Indonesian starlet said that even though Ashraf is no longer here, his spirit will always remain with her and the families’ memories. In the video, BCL recounted their last time celebrating the festive season as a family.

Source: Instagram

“Dear Love, it feels like it was just yesterday that we celebrated Aidilfitri together, spending our time with family and friends at home. I also remember how we discussed serving cinnamon rolls. Who would have ever thought that would be our last Hari Raya celebration together,” the “Aku Pasti Datang” songstress said in the clip.


She continued, “This year, Noah (BCL and Ashraf’s son) performed the takbir online at home, similar to what you’ve been doing before. The difference is; you’re no longer around this year. At this point, we realise that we’re grateful to have each other despite the challenges that came their way.”

The 11-minute and 29-second long video also features some exclusive look at the “Bayu Cinta Luna” actress’ Raya celebration with his family in Indonesia. Additionally, throwback footage of Ashraf is featured in the clip as well. For those interested, watch the full episode of “Dear Love” here:

Hopefully, BCL and the rest of the Sinclairs will continue to stay strong in facing the loss of their loved one.

R.I.P Ashraf. 😢

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