Fans seem to be split when it comes to the ending of “The World Of The Married” (부부의 세계). While some are content with the conclusion, others have questions they want answered.

One big question mark is probably surrounding the ending scene for Kim Hee Ae (김희애)’s character, Dr Ji Sun Woo. There was the part where Dr Ji’s meal was interrupted by the doorbell (or rather the sound when one inserts the password code to the door lock). Was it Joon Young?


Joon Young’s face wasn’t shown but many viewers assumed it was him. The focus was instead on Dr Ji. In a way, the show is allowing us to interpret it freely by not giving us the answer. So technically, it’s an open ending where you can assume Joon Young has returned or it was simply Dr Ji’s imagination.

A user by the name of Jenny Yujin Eo felt that it was the latter. She wrote, “The son did not come back. In Sun Woo’s narration, she says that if I wait for my son (preserving day by day), he might come back to me just like a saviour. So basically the narration implies that the scene is her imagination… and she waits for her son without knowing when he will come back.

Dr Ji

The mother-son relationship in this season has been one of the highlights for “The World Of The Married”. When someone asked about why Joon Young left in the first place, a fan account replied:

He was really confused. He hated his dad so much but when he thought Tae Oh got hit by the truck, his feelings and thoughts were mixed. Worse, when his parents hugged each other and TO Tae Oh down crying. He told Sun Woo not to pity him ever again but she never listened.”


In speaking with Elle magazine recently, Kim Hee Ae talked about portraying this latest juicy role. “Ji Sun Woo is someone who does her best to live in an honest manner and doesn’t care about what anyone thinks when expressing her emotions. In some ways, she does have an aggressive and stubborn side to her. Regardless, I think viewers are relating to and supporting her confidence and honesty,” the 54-year-old South Korean actress told the publication.

Sources: Hee Ae World Twitter, Soompi.

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