A tattooed model named Jill Hardener sparked controversy after she uploaded photos of herself wearing face masks as underwear on her Instagram.

The Berlin native was pictured covering her intimate parts with the medical protection. The post has in turn received quite a number of backlash from netizens, particularly frontline workers.


In this case, Jill was heavily criticised for “wasting” the much-needed equipment, especially amid the Covid-19 outbreak. One commentator wrote, “Cool you wasted mask the entire planet is struggling to get,” to which a medical staff responded, “I agree! As a frontliner, seeing this breaks my heart and it makes me so angry.”

Others further suggested that Jill should’ve just donated the face masks to the needy and hospitals instead. Check out other highlighted comments below:

  • “We are needing donations for these masks.”
  • “This is downright ridiculous! We need the mask for patients to wear and to cover our masks that we’re using to prevent exposure.”
  • “You should be ashamed of yourself.”
Source: IG

Despite the massive criticism, there are also some who left thirsty remarks, complimenting the social media influencer for looking stunning and seductive while working the hand-crafted “lingerie”.

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