Wu Chun (吴尊) and his wife Lin Liying got married 16 years ago but couldn’t take part in a wedding photoshoot together. The reason being? It could’ve jeopardise his career as a Fahrenheit boybander.

After all these years, the 40-year-old singer-actor finally convinced Liying to the shoot as husband and wife. The best part is that even their children got to be in on this eventful session.

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If you’ve been following the reality show “Before Marriage”, you’d know that the Mandopop star has been eager to make it up to his baby mama. Despite turning his request down time and time again, Liying eventually relented thanks in large to the encouragement from her family and loved ones.


In the latest episode of “Before Marriage”, viewers got to see the lovely couple journey down the aisle (again) in their mansion in Brunei. Armed with an iPhone and tripod, Wu Chun and Liying directed their wedding photoshoot at their spacious backyard with the help of the self-timer.

Source: Weibo

The wish I’ve had for the past few years has finally come true,” the father-of-2 wrote on his Weibo account. “I never imagined that I would DIY my own wedding shoot at home… (I’m) thankful, happy, (and) content.”

Netizens have been leaving positive comments after seeing these new pictures on his social media platform. “Thank you for your positive energy, please be happy forever,” a fan wrote. Another added, “This family never fails to make me smile without knowing it, love them.

The inclusion of their children 9-year-old Neinei and 6-year-old Max made this even more special. Take a look at more wedding pictures below:

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Source: Weibo

Anyone else planning a photoshoot?

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