Despite the recent cheating scandal, rumour has it that Brian Tse (謝東閔) is moving forward with his plans to marry Ashley Chu (朱智賢).

Reports claim that the actor-singer has already purchased a new house worth 10.8 million HKD (approx. RM6 mil) in Tuen Mun (Castle Peak). Brian has also been photographed decorating the new home this past week.

Source: EastWeek

Given recent events, the spotlight has been on Brian Tse due to his willingness to forgive Ashley for her infidelity. The media has even begin to probe into the 34-year-old’s wealthy background.


Not only does his father owns a salon while his mom has a domestic helper referral agency, the family also owns a successful foot massage business. On top of that, the rising star has been busy climbing up the ladder at TVB with numerous projects on the line.

It is believed that Ashley broke up with restaurateur Derak in 2017. She and Brian have been an item ever since. Although they’ve never publicly acknowledge their romance, it wasn’t until the recent scandal that they confirmed their relationship to the press.

Brian Tse
Source: Oriental Sunday

Following her press conference with the media, Ashley is currently taking a 2-week hiatus from work to rest before she bounds back.

Source: Weekend HK.

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