Vivy Yusof has been the center of numerous controversy lately and things aren’t looking too good.

Most recently, illustrator-entrepreneur Syaza Yunos took to Twitter revealing that she was threatened with a lawsuit from Vivy’s legal team after she claimed that dUCk had plagiarised her designs.

Vivy Yusof


Syaza’s shocking revelation soon went viral, with numerous people criticising Vivy for exploiting her power with legal action against entrepreneurs from smaller brands. Even Cleopatra (real name Nur Fathiah Syazwana Shahruddin) pointed out her frustration towards Vivy over the recent drama.

Disappointed, the young director responded via Twitter, “Vivy, I respected you before but not today after I read this. I’ve been ridiculously defamed throughout my life, being attacked in all angles  my 2 small children. And I’d already make millions by just 1 defamation case. But did I send them legal letters?.”

She further added in another thread, “You only think about your reputation, but what about this girl who is struggling to make some money for herself to live? Women should support each other, not tear each other down. These girls are the reason why you are where you at now.”

She then concluded, “Your childish act will only kill your reputation worst than how you think this girl affected yours. My suggestion is, the best time for you to sue is when one of your Chanel bag is at risk that you have to sell it.”


Many netizens have applauded Cleopatra for publicly standing up for Syaza. They also hope that Cleopatra will continue to support the local artist in case Vivy and her gang attack with another lawsuit.

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