Yikes! Another day, another plagiarism controversy comes to light.

The photo below shows a step-by-step procedure by our Health Ministry (MoH) on how to dispose face masks. An eagle-eyed netizen soon noticed that the image used is the same exact cartoon strip created by Evangeline Neo – also known in the comic world as Evacomics.

Source: Evacomics

To top it off, no credit was given to the owner – giving the impression that the artwork came from the government itself. The government has in turn received some backlash from netizens when it was discovered that they had used the aforementioned artwork without the artist’s consent.

After the incident, the Singaporean native then came up with a comic strip to seemingly clap back at the ministry for making use of her work without her consent. Read what she created below:

Source: Evacomics

She further assured everyone that she had already accepted the Malaysia Civil Defence Force (APM)’s apology, knowing that the artwork was “used for a good cause and given away for free with the masks to protect people from the virus.”

Sources: Lowyat Forum, Evacomics.

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