Fans from all over the world were shock when it was announced that Gigi Hadid is currently expecting her first child with her long-term on-and-off beau Zayn Malik.

Despite the happy news, the topic of discussion among the internet community soon shifted to the couple’s respective religions.

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For those who don’t know, the former One Direction member was previously born a Muslim. He released a statement that he had left Islam back in 2018. Nevertheless, he assured everyone that he was grateful to be raised in a British-Muslim family. Zayn, who is of Pakistani and Irish descent, also revealed that he studied Islam and went to the mosque during his childhood days.


As for Gigi (real name Jelena Noura Hadid)’s case, she has never made her religious belief known to the public. However, the Hadid family history shows that her father Mohamed Hadid was born in Palestine and grew up in Syria and Lebanon. At the age of 14, he moved to the States. Even the supermodel’s younger sister, Bella declared that she’s proud to be a Muslim.

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In response to the 25-year-old’s surprising news earlier this week, a number of fans have been buzzing on social media. In this case, some questioned the lovebirds’ current religious beliefs as both of them aren’t married. Some also brought up the fact that Zayn is a murtad (apostate).

The topic soon sparked quite a debacle among netizens on social media. Some of the comments left by the netizens include:

  • “I’m happy to see Gigi and Zayn back together. But to normalise having a baby before marriage, I think all religions are against it.”
  • “Zayn had previously announced that he’s a murtad while Gigi has never mentioned her specific religion. Only Bella and their father revealed that they are Muslim.”
  • “Hopefully their Muslim parents are able to recite the Azan to the newborn one day.”
  • “Okay if Zayn is already murtad then, I wonder why we still stan him. I…um… ok :>”

Gigi and the “Pillowtalk” hit-maker began dating in 2015. They broke up in 2018 before getting back together earlier this year.

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