Show Lo (羅志祥) is currently facing the consequences of his womanising lifestyle and things are looking bleak for his career.

Following reports that he has been dropped from 2 shows, Show’s mum is breaking her silence on the matter. Word has it that Madam Lin Hsiang-lan is quite unhappy at the former flames’ public spat.

Source: Google Images

Apparently, Madam Lin said that Grace Chow (周揚青) was in the wrong for airing her son’s dirty laundry when they should have settled their dispute behind closed doors like grown adults. She also blames the internet celebrity for “destroying” the Taiwanese singer’s career.


When word got out, netizens immediately voiced their disagreement, saying that it was Show who sabotage his own career. “How is Grace in the wrong for speaking the truth,” one commentator asked. Madam Lin is obviously being bias, but can you blame her?

Source: ST

Taiwanese media also claim that Grace possesses photo evidence of Show’s cheating episodes. Will it see the light of day?

Source: Strait Times.

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