Show Lo (羅志祥) has been facing the wrath of the internet ever since Grace Chow (周揚青) put him on blast for his countless cheating scandals.

Although he released a half arse statement saying, “What I did was wrong, I will also self-examine“, he didn’t really address the situation. However, the 40-year-old singer has since released a second post.

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The serial womaniser wrote, “I’m sorry, I was wrong! These nine years, you gave your all for me. It was me who didn’t know how to treasure our relationship and the person who loved me most. My naive and fluky mentality led to deceiving you over and over again.” 


The Taiwanese star continued, “I’ve hurt you and made you sad with my many mistakes. I apologise to all the women who I’ve lied to and disrespected. I’m sorry. I will bear the consequences for all of this.”

Show Lo

This comes after fans have began to call for his removal from popular variety shows “Go Fighting!” and “Produce Camp 2020”. Many expressed their concerns over Show’s role as a mentor in “Produce Camp 2020” where numerous young female contestants could easily fall prey to him.

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the singer-actor had self-quarantine himself since landing in China a week ago. As such, Chinese singer-songwriter Wowkie Zhang (大張偉) has been standing in for Show for the first few episodes. Viewers are now saying that Wowkie should just permanently replace Show in “Produce Camp 2020”.

Show Lo

Several Taiwanese media have noticed any Show-related content have apparently been removed from both of the programmes’ official sites. It is believed that reality series in China include a stipulation whereby those involved must not do anything that compromise their values. The company then has the right to terminate the contract between two parties.

Reports estimates that Show earns around NT$180mil (RM26mil) per TV programme. If the speculations on his removal is true, the entertainer might have just lost NT$360mil (RM52mil) from the aforementioned two series. Clearly, infidelity doesn’t pay.

It remains to be seen if he will be asked back for the third season of “Street Dance of China” alongside GOT7’s Jackson Wang and EXO’s Lay Zhang.


To quote a commentator, “the Show can no longer go on“.

Source: Today Online.

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