Uh-oh! Has Janna Nick just been exposed? The spotlight regarding her latest drama is reportedly on her love life.

This time around, the versatile celeb has been accused of eloping with boyfriend, actor Dini Schatzmann, in the southern part of Thailand last year!

Source: Twitter via Beautifulnara

The news was made viral by a Twitter user known @munafiqburner, who labelled the lovebirds’ secret wedding a “more quality content”. He accompanied the tweet with a photo of a paper cutting that displays the couple’s full name and ID.


Not only that, the photo clearly states that both of the “Bukan Cinta Aku” cast mates had already tied the knot. As stated in the image, the wedding ceremony was held in the Satul district, southern Thailand on 19th June 2019 –  back when the couple first started dating! For those interested, y’all can check a better glimpse of the viral photo below.

As for now, the “Biar Aku Jadi Penunggu” actress and beau have yet to come out to clarify the situation. In the meantime @munafiqburner’s account is nowhere to be found.

Updated (24th April, 6pm):

Janna Nick has appeared to shut down all the false claims made against her. According to the local starlet, there’s no reason for her to get married secretly at a foreign country knowing that both of them are still single.

“In a relationship, for sure there are plans on marriage. But I never even thought of eloping at all, I’m not dating someone’s husband! If it’s true that we’re already married, I would’ve definitely announced the date already. In this current situation, everything is going down the hill. Not just wedding events, even open house plans are scrapped,” the “Melodi” MC told mStar.

Source: RotiKaya

During the chat, Janna also revealed that she will take action against the culprit who had spread the rumour.

Sources: BeautifulNara, mStar.

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