What a beautiful, yet heartbreaking ending to “Hi Bye, Mama” (하이바이, 마마!) during the finale yesterday.

Without spoiling anything away, the series managed to tie everything up together and viewers were given a proper closer. As expected, the final episode really amped up the emotional scenes and got us crying like a baby.


The main cast were asked to share their highlights on the K-drama, which centres on a ghost who gets to return to human form and another chance at life with her family and loved ones.

Kim Tae Hee (김태희), who played Cha Yu Ri, recalled, “I enjoyed spending time with Cha Yu Ri. I feel a lot of regret at saying goodbye as the drama comes to a close. Personally, I spent this time deeply reflecting on the most precious values in life and the importance of the people you love.”

I will remember ‘Hi Bye, Mama’ not just being about Cha Yu Ri’s love for her child, but about the warmth of familial love in general. I hope that it gave comfort to the viewers’ hearts as well. Thank you for laughing and crying along with Cha Yu Ri,” the 40-year-old actress added.

Hi Bye

Lee Kyu Hyung (이규형), who played the Cha Yu Ri’s widowed husband Kang Hwa, was well loved for his character’s faithfulness to his late wife. “We started our production in the winter and ended it in the spring. The cast and crew gave it their all for the production. It is a difficult time for all of us, but we were able to finish safely thanks to the viewers who showed their love for the drama. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who supported ‘Hi Bye, Mama’,” the 36-year-old actor expressed.

Meanwhile, Go Bo Gyeol (고보결), who portrayed Kang Hwa’s new wife and stepmom to little Seo Woo Jin was praised for selflessness. Her character Oh Min Jung proves that not all stepmothers are evil.

I was happy while living as Oh Min Jung. ‘Hi Bye, Mama’ is a drama about the warmth of family, and the atmosphere on set, which was full of respect and love, is something I will carry in my heart for a long time. I hope that that warmth will also stay with viewers. Thank you to all the viewers who kept watching and supporting us until the end,” the 31-year-old South Korean star said.


Hi Bye

This quote perfectly sums up “Hi Bye, Mama”: “Whether you’re alive or dead, life is always about parting. You have to say goodbye to meet again.”

Source: Soompi.

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