Malaysian actor Ezany Nizariff recently made headlines after he lodged a police report against a cosmetics entrepreneur. Though he didn’t specifically mentioned any names, a lot of people believed that the individual in question is Nur Sajat.

The 47-year-old took to his Facebook, saying that he decided to lodge a report following the current situation involving the controversial queer figure which created a hostile atmosphere among the Muslims. In the same post, Ezany uploaded a screenshot of a video featuring Sajat with her best friend Dato’ Aliff Syukri.


Fuelled with anger, Ezany wrote, “The other day you wore female clothing showing your boobs in front of Kaabah; even claiming that God won’t punish you. When you returned to KL, I thought you repented after you apologised. After that you challenged Him again by saying that ‘None of the queer figures have been infected with coronavirus’. You’re being too much.”

The “Natasha” actor continued, “Yesterday you’re at it again; dancing in female clothing even in a tudung!!! You have insulted the religion. Others are not as nasty as you are. Before Allah comes down with Bala, we won’t allow this to spread. Even your friend (Aliff Syukri) is also the same. We are not that good but we are trying to be better. A lot of people have been slamming you. Even the ustaz had advised you. But you’re being arrogant!” 

On his subsequent post on social media, Ezany urged other celebrities to be more responsible as a public figures and influencers to their followers. He further advised everyone to self-reflect together as a Muslim. To quote the local artiste himself, “I am not that good. But I am working hard to be better.”

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