Dato’ Aliff Syukri’s mother, Bonda Rozita Ibrahim is finally clearing the air about everyone’s speculations regarding her unfollowing her daughter-in-law Datin Shahida on Instagram.

According to Rozita, she is still on good terms with Shahida. She further added that the issue is actually not that big of a deal.

Source: Instagram

“I’m speaking up because I can’t handle this anymore. Nobody’s interested if others undergo the same phase (unfollow each other, divorcing). But for my son and Shahida’s case, I found myself involved as well. Please, have pity on us. Let us live in peace. Don’t burden us for this personal matter. It’s up to me whether if I want to follow her or not,” wrote the Jamu Ratu Malaya entrepreneur.


“When I stopped following her, the nation made a fuss about it. You can relieve your stress by gossiping about us, right? Everyone is dying to know if there is bad blood between me and Shahida by putting all the blame on her. Just so you know, she is still my daughter-in-law,” she continued, seemingly upset with all the nay-sayers who’ve been putting false claims against the family.

“I have never hurt her, nor interfered in their marital crisis. Remember, she’s still my daughter-in-law up until my last breath. And she’s also the mother to my grandchildren. I’m tired of being judged by netizens. Stop it!” Rozita further added in the post.

When it comes to the couple’s unresolved dispute, Rozita hopes that everyone will just give it a rest and focus on other pressing matters. “There’s no need to ask about the same question over and over again. Please don’t question me with stupid and unprofitable things. Another thing is, stop meddling with their affairs,” concluded Rozita.

Despite her plea, do you think Aliif’s followers are ready to move on?

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