Facebook has reportedly spent nearly US$23.4 million (RM100 million) to fund its CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s living expenses throughout the year 2019. Surprisingly, most of the costs incurred involve security as well as his private jet.

According to Free Press, Zuckerberg’s cost of living includes expenses of over US$10.4 million for home and travel safety, another US$10 million for special security, and US$2.95 million for financing his private aircraft.

Source: Today.com

Not only that! It was also reported that the cost to cover the internet entrepreneur and his family has continued to increase as the year goes. Back in 2017, word has it that Facebook has spent US$9.1 million for his expenses. While in 2018, it grew rapidly to a whopping amount of US$20 million!


Zuckerberg’s living cost after failing to pass his studies in Harvard was also covered entirely by the company he founded. The reason is that he only received US$1 salary from Facebook.

Meanwhile, Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) Sheryl Sandberg was also reportedly to be funded by the company. As covered by the US outlet, Sandberg’s personal security costs have reached up to US$4.37 million by 2019. The amount includes passenger fare, aviation fuel, assistance and also food catering.

Source: Insider

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Source: Free Press / Featured Image: TNW.

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