There’s a reason why TM Unifi users have been experiencing slow internet connection lately.

Telekom Malaysia revealed that damages have been detected on the Asia Pacific Cable Network 2 (APCN2), causing disruptions to the internet connection in Malaysia.

Source: TM/

A disruption to the Segment 3 cable between Lantau in Hong Kong and Chongming in China has been discovered. This affects Malaysia’s connection via Mersing to Singapore, Hong Kong, and San Jose, California. That’s because our country’s internet is directly linked to Lantau via APCN 2’s Segment 2 from Kuantan.


As a result, web browsing and accessing services from Hong Kong and the US have been rather slower than usual. It comes as no surprise that people have been complaining about having difficulty connecting to EA Origin, Steam, and Netflix.

Source: Lowyat

Repairs are currently underway but no specific time and date on when the issue will be resolved have been revealed.

Source: Lowyat.

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